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Thank you for visiting our website. If your organization is interested in scheduling an astronomy-related presentation or viewing event, please use the form below to submit your request. We will review the request and respond within 3-5 days.

IMPORTANT – Please read:

For outdoor events choose an evening when the moon is new or near its first quarter. Scheduling an event near or during a full moon is not recommended because the view through a telescope is overwhelmingly bright, and the bright light of the moon hides many other interesting objects in the night sky. In general, dates that fall within +/- four days of a full moon are poor choices and should be avoided.

Schedule the event to allow for viewing times at least 1-2 hours after sunset. Although the moon may be in the afternoon sky, if the event starts before sunset and ends at dusk, there will be very little for guests to see. This is especially important in the late Spring when days are getting long and sunset is often near 9 PM.

Safety is always a consideration, but the darker the viewing area the better. Select a viewing spot where telescopes can be set up in a level, open area away from large floodlights, or if possible arrange with maintenance staff to turn off the lighting for that particular evening. Make sure irrigation sprinkler systems are not active during the time of the event! Choose an area accessible to cars. Cover any flashlights with red plastic (a red balloon works well) secured with a rubber band. This will allow eyes to adjust to their natural night vision. Once our eyes are accustomed to the available ambient light, very little additional light is needed.

Please submit requests a minimun of 45 days before the planned event to allow sufficient time to request volunteer astronomers to supportĀ the event.

Complete this form to request and schedule our participation in a lecture or viewing event. If you are seeking answers to a general question, please use our General Contact form.

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