Member’s Astro-Photo featured on!

Member Terry Hancock recently had the honor having one of his photos featured on is recognized as one of the leading space news websites. This isn’t a first for Terry, who regularly has his astrophotography featured in magazines such as Astronomy and Sky & Telescope. We are glad to have him as a member of the Western Colorado Astronomy Club!

Terry is the founder of the DownUnderObservatory website and co-author of The Armchair Astronomer. He also directs the Grand Mesa Observatory.

About Robert Madsen

I am an amateur astronomer and have been interested in astronomy since I was four years old. By eight had read Fred Hoyle's Astronomy textbook. By 6th grade I had read every astronomy book in my school's library. You get the picture! I love astronomy and space exploration. I am a member of the Planetary Society, Mars Society, and of course, Western Colorado Astronomy Club.

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